Towne Appartments

Project description/involvement

Tonwe Apartments is a modern and engagingly contemporary high-brow residential Apartment in Plot 197 Akin Ogunleye, Victoria Island, Lagos. The Apartment comprises of 5 floors; ground floor parking, four floors of residential accommodations with a parapet roof provided for recreation. The apartment is host to the full compliment of modern amenities that responds to the modern and international standards for apartment buildings in a residential precinct. The concept is designed to create calm and serene modern Apartments with highly functional and secure spaces using aesthetically appealing materials, components and finishes. The spaces in the plan surround a central core which serves as the access route to all apartments in the design. The spaces where properly arranged, allowing unimpeded traffic flow and safety within spaces. There was proper zoning of the apartment in hierarchy of privacy and income, bearing in mind the need for functional interdependence and value. All technical aspects of the design such as the mechanical services/water supply, electrical services/ communication, and environmental factors(I.e. vehicular/pedestrian access, green areas, parking e.t.c.) where of equal importance in the design conceptualization.