Project description/involvement

This proposed 15 storey high brow residential development is situated at No. 57 Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi, Lagos which is in close proximity to Parkview estate, Golden gate restaurant, Southern Sun hotel, Ikoyi club, and other commercial development in Ikoyi. The proposed Towers are designed to house residential and Hotel developments to capture the enchanting views of the ocean and the city and the salubrious sea breezes typical of this area. The tower also hosts the full compliment of modern amenities and it is envisaged that the proposal should respond to the modern and international standards for high-rise buildings in a residential and commercial precinct. The tower has 15 floors with the ground floor dedicated to common facilities which include swimming pools, gymnasia, maid’s room, secured parking, standby power supply, water treatment & supply, security, concierges, recreation and gardens. The remaining floors are dedicated for residential dwellings of four flats per floor with the exception of the 13th and 14th floors for penthouse dwellings. The tower also features circular vertical openings at all the sides, allowing natural light into the floors This project posed a fascinating challenge for Majoroh Partnership, to design a dynamic and contemporary residential tower which will withstand the test of time in terms of the structure and design. The design concept takes its inspiration from the ‘Rotor’ of a boat’s engine, to form an elegant, expressive, and organic design which evokes the sensations of: ‘Physical symmetry, Functional eco friendly environment, spatial simplicity and a generally universal appeal’. The residential tower is envisaged as an elegant object sprawling out from a surrounding man made pond within the landscape and are positioned to take maximum advantage of natural light and views. The curved form of the towers allows the apartments to enjoy panoramic views.